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 Kevin Courter

“I’m very pleased to use Masterworks frames on the majority of my work and I’m very happy with their customer service. I always look forward to putting a Masterworks frame on my paintings."

Grant Hacking

20 x 30 Cassetta with Arch 22k Gold

Dangerous Crossing- 20x30 

“For years I have made my own frames. Not because I like to but because it’s so hard to find a good frame. I stumbled upon Masterwork Frames about two years ago and it was the best bit of luck my art career has had. Most the time when I unpack frames from other framers there is a little feeling of disappointment. When Masterworks ships me a frame I scramble with excitement to get my painting in it.

The quality of gilding is superb. The frames are strong. They are uniquely designed and I love the rustic touch each frame has. The packing is how a frame should be shipped and the boxes are reusable but most of all, every time I put a Masterworks frame on my painting it sells right away."

Grant Hacking:​

Kathleen Dunphy

A Gentle Breeze- 6x9 

"Masterworks always comes through for me with beautifully crafted frames and top-notch customer service. I love the marriage of contemporary and classic that these frame styles provide: classic without being outdated and contemporary without being too spare or cold. Putting a Masterworks frame on one of my paintings adds a level of value and elegance to the finished product."

Kathleen Dunphy:

6x9 Flat Panel 14k Full Gold

Anna Rose Bain

Modern Woman, Native Daughter- 48x24

“Masterworks Frames has been my favorite frame supplier for several years now and I entrust my best work exclusively to their expertise. I can always count on superior quality, affordable and professional custom designs, excellent customer service, and fast delivery. Whether I've requested a beautiful gold tabernacle or a custom southwest style frame, I've always had a moment--like a child on Christmas morning--where the frame arrived and it took my breath away. Every time, it looks even better than what I originally envisioned. Thank you, Masterworks Frames!"

Anna Rose Bain:

48x24 Custom Southwest 14k Gold

Niki Covington

"It is difficult to express how important craftsman like Michael and Rett are to artists like myself. They are among the highest caliber of craftsman, with a keen understanding of the function of art and its relation to its frame and context. No matter how demanding the designs I bring, they always deliver the most beautiful work accepting any challenge as a craftsman’s joy. They intuitively seem to know what I want and need; what finishing touches will bring the sparkle or the needed harmony to the artwork. Each piece I bring leaves the shop elevated on a higher pedestal after their work is complete, and for a sum that is very sympathetic to my wallet. Needless to say, it is great joy to work with such amazing craftsman and I would recommend them to any artist."

Niki Covington:

40x24 Florentine with Arch 22k Gold

Mallory Agerton


“A couple of artist friends shared Masterworks Frames’ website with me when questions about branding an artist's work were asked. I was looking for custom frames that were beautifully crafted, good value, and elegantly designed. I wanted frames that would enhance my paintings in the studio, shows and galleries. Michael Graham at Masterworks Frames has helped me come up with a frame that is perfect for my work. It is a joy to do business with him, and I recommend Masterworks to other artists without reservation.”

Mallory Agerton:

10x20 Lipking Poplar 14k Liner

Brent Cotton

Embers of Twilight- 40x60 

"I love working with the folks at Masterworks! The quality of their frames is excellent, with wonderful finish and construction. I feel they elevate my work and really fit my style of art. I also love how quick their turnaround time is and for the quality, they are very reasonably priced."

Brent Cotton:

40x60 Columned Tabernacle with Arch 14k Liner

Carol Arnold

“I choose Masterworks Frames not only for their beautifully handcrafted frames that enhance my paintings, but also for their superior customer service with aggressive deadlines without compromise in quality."

Carol Arnold:

20 x 16 Florentine with Arch - Raised Sgraffito

Mia Bergeron

"Masterworks Frames always go above and beyond my expectations. They work with me to thoroughly match the finish of the frame to my painting, taking extra care with colors, textures, and any other subtleties to help make my work look its best. I can always trust them to get me my frame on time and ready to be shown."

Mia Bergeron:

10x16 Flat Panel 12k Gold

Todd A. Williams

Nebraska State Capital- 28x12

“What I value most highly about Masterworks Frames is their personal touch to make each frame a work of art specific to my needs to fit my paintings to become a perfect harmony and marriage.”

Todd A. Williams:

28x12 Custom Cathedral 22k Gold

John Seibels Walker

Pastor Sid Batts 50x36" oil on linen

"I firmly believe that a beautifully designed and well crafted frame adds exponential value to any work of art.  I have found Masterworks' craftsmanship and finishes to be amongst the highest quality available today and the value to be truly exceptional.  It is always a pleasure for me to use one of their beautifully made frames on my portraiture, perfectly finishing off and elevating my artwork to the highest level."

John Seibels Walker :

50x36" Sicily with Carve 22k Gold
MHWhere Eagles Flysmall.jpg

Matthew Hillier

Where Eagles Fly, 24” x 18” oil on board

"I was so fed up with making my own frames, but hated the alternative of using the same old cheapy frames most artists use. Then I walked into an artist's booth at a national show and was blown away by the quality of his frames. They were of course Masterworks Frames. . . I was determined to try these frames on my own paintings.  The results are just fantastic!!!  They not only look wonderful, but I know that they really enhance the status and value of my paintings. I should also add that the company is fantastic to work with. Always willing to make the framing experience easier.and never put off by all my needy questions.  The only downside is all the  artists asking me where I got such wonderful frames!!"

Matthew Hillier:

24x18" Carved Tuscan 14k Gold
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