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Inside Masterworks Frames you will find fine artists, sculptors, designers, carvers, and artisans to assist you in meeting your specific needs. 


1. Design Consultation 

We would love to meet with you for a one on one design consultation our showroom to discuss your specific needs. Bring any art you would like to frame and we can go over what will bring out it's best characteristics.
If distance or time is a problem we would also be happy to do a video conference session. Send any artwork you would like, then we design together on a live video session and we will ship/install when the project is done.  
Drawings with Clay_WEB.jpg

2. Drafting

After consultation we provide you drawings of frame profile and ornamentation.

Hand Shake.jpg

3. Design Approval

Upon approval of drawings, we sculpt or carve ornaments and create a Corner sample. We ship this corner sample to you and upon approval we begin the building process.


4. Production

Allow 2-3 weeks for drawing, sculpture, and corner sample. Then 2-5 weeks for production depending upon complexity and size of order.

If design is not needed and we use a corner off my wall only 2-3 weeks are need until shipment/delivery.


5. We ship or install

We are able to ship international or domestic. Delivery and Installation also available locally. Let us know your needs and we will make it as easy as possible for you. 

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