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Mirrors can help make spaces feel larger and more open as they reflect light back into the room. The style of the frame is just as important to maintain the feeling you're going for in the room.

Below are a couple of examples of large custom mirror frames. Masterworks has done for the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the years. Check it out to see our process. With sculptures and artisans we can create what you are envisioning.


Computer rendering and hand drawings were done to show the designer.


Wax and clay were sculpted to match the renderings.  


Casts were made from the wax sculpture pieces.


Casts were applied to the rest of the frame.


A corner sample was made for the designer


The frame was layered in Italian clay, water polished, then gold leaf gilded.


The Process
Concepcion Chile Temple Sealing Room Mirror Example

Sculpting by Niki Covington

A copy of the Concepción Chili Temple Sealing Room Mirror now hangs in our showroom.

The Process

Kona Hawaii Temple Bridal Room Mirror Example

Sculpting by Niki Covington

Drawings were done to show the designer.


Sculpture was created out of wax and clay.