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Brent Cotton

“I feel Masterwork Frames really elevates my work. The quality of their frames and the integrity of the company is why I look forward to using them for years to come."


" Frames made by Artists for Artists "

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"It is difficult to express how important craftsman like Michael and Rett are to artists like myself. They are among the highest caliber of craftsman, with a keen understanding of the function of art and its relation to its frame and context. No matter how demanding the designs I bring, they always deliver the most beautiful work accepting any challenge as a craftsman’s joy. They intuitively seem to know what I want and need; what finishing touches will bring the sparkle or the needed harmony to the artwork. Each piece I bring leaves the shop elevated on a higher pedestal after their work is complete, and for a sum that is very sympathetic to my wallet. Needless to say, it is great joy to work with such amazing craftsman and I would recommend them to any artist."

Help Thou My Unbelief

Oil on canvas Florentine with Arch 

22k Gold Cove/In/Out

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