New Yorker Float

New Yorker Float

This modern take of a float is good for a White backdrop float can be however thin or thick you request. Gilded all the way around the white reflectts the gold and makes it shine. 


  • Width 3/4"
  • Artist's Choice Line
  • Hand-rubbed seven layer finish
  • You choose how wide you want the float gap
  • Available in traditional or with a square corner detail


This is an example, please contact us through the order form to submit your custom order



  • 22k Full with Metal leaf heel
  • 13x15" interior measurment 14k gold, black heel. Sunrise painting is 7x9" Mountain Lake painting is 8x10, displayed in the same frame. Paintings by Heather Graham
  • Square detailed, 22k Full
  • 12k full, black heel